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Red Dirt Summer Camp is still
on recess for 2021. 


We miss you all so much! We look forward to seeing you

next year when we can start more certain planning earlier in the year.  In the meantime, get outside as much as you can and check back occasionally for updated information!

Red Dirt Discoveries is a resource for families in the Tallahassee and Leon County area. We started in 2010 as a family nature club and have taken on many forms in the last eight years. Beyond our initial outings and summer camp, we hope to provide information and ideas for children and their parents to get outside together. We have so many amazing natural places in our area and you can find some of those opportunities highlighted here.

Please check our Places to Go page to get some ideas of a few of our favorite places to explore. You can see images and get an idea of what is available at each location. Also check back soon for a map of locations and ideas for 1/2 day outings that are perfect for a weekend.

From the Ground Up spent over five years (2009-2015) advocating and providing services to create nature-based environments for play, learning and rejuvenation in the Big Bend area.


FTGU founder, Meghan Mick, is now an Assistant Professor at Florida State University after five years on the team at Wood+Partners (WPi) landscape architects. Through teaching, service, and research, the goals remain the same - to enrich our surroundings and strengthen the connection between people and nature.


Through a variety of projects and partnerships, the mission of Red Dirt Discoveries and From the Ground Up has always been to get people outside. The benefits are beyond measure, particularly for children who are spending more and more time indoors. Time in nature can improve our physical and mental well-being, ignite creativity, improve social skills, and even help us focus. These short-term benefits have a compounding effect by connecting people to place, and encouraging our next generation of stewards.


In March of 2021, we celebrate Discovery's 7th birthday! From the Ground Up was thrilled and honored to be part of the team that made this unique playscape in the heart of downtown Tallahassee a reality. First Commerce Credit Union, KCCI,Blueprint, and TMH are just a few of the dedicated partners that contributed time, money, and lots of heart to ensure that the original vision was realized. In 2016 WPi worked on an update to the hill slide that provides additional shade, eliminates erosion issues, and expands the play opportunities.